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Swapping Alumni Association (2019)

Swapping Alumni Association (2019)

RGenre: Adult, Film Semi
Quality: Year: Duration: 66 MinView: 313 views
62 votes, average 7.2 out of 10

Hye Won Hee Jung Joo Hee is a university alumni. First, I envy Hye-won, who is married, but Hye-won, who is not married, envyes her unmarried friends.
Heejeong proves to Secpa Minwoo and passes it to her friend Juhee. Hee-jung has an affair with his boss and Hye-won and Ju-hee discuss changing their husband and lover.
Joo-hee contemplates her husband. Hye-won stares at Ju-hee’s girlfriend. Couples swapping each other for a couple. Parting with a promise to meet again.


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